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About the Band

Northern Californian band The SoulShake brings a laid back, danceable sound to the rock/reggae genre. With a mix of lyrics inspirited by heartfelt songwriters like Jason Mraz and the instrumental musical stylings of Sublime, their music reflects a connection to good times and the adventure of life on the Northern California coast. The trio considers themselves more than a band, they are best friends connecting with audiences through their outdoor surfer lifestyle, wacky humor, and songs that speak to love, life and creating a better world.

The project began in a small backyard on the east side of Petaluma, California. Guitar player Domenic Bianco and bass player Charlie Sisemore skipped school and met at a mutual friend’s house who, fortunately, supported Highschool truancy. They struck up conversation over metal themed t-shirts then spent the rest of the day playing guitar and bonding over their love for heavy metal music. Their friendship wasn’t always a wholesome affair, but following a few years of significant marijuana consumption, a misguided attempt steal a gumball machine while pretending to be a quarter machine repairman, house arrest for an undisclosed misdemeanor, daily gym workouts, and several more missed school days, they coasted out of their rebellious teenage years as best friends.

By 2016 they started their first serious music project, The SoulShake. The personal growth and life lessons they learned led them to be advocates of positivity through music, valuing the humor, love, and community they found while discovering themselves throughout their tumultuous formative years. Those values inspired their songwriting and production on their first album “A Little Peace in the Puzzle” in 2018.

Faced with sensible career choices, members from the original lineup came and went during production of that first album. The drummer from the producer’s band came in to finish recording their single “Hungover” and a craigslist ad went out to replace the lost band members. Following their first response to the craigslist ad, a grey Prius carrying a sparkling black drumset in the back pulled up to their house on Wilson St. and a tall, well dressed, real estate agent with a banana in his hand stepped out.

John Hendrick’s killer drum skills and great vibe immediately blew the duo away. Charlie felt it was too good to be true, “he’s probably got kids in his basement,” but they came to find that John’s excellent musicianship, positive attitude, and business like charm balanced out their fun loving antics with a focus that would ultimately guide them to take their first tour in 2019. Most importantly John has become a close friend, a “brother,” and a missing piece in the SoulShake puzzle.

Their latest album Vibes was released December 4th 2020. This seven song EP can be found on all the major streaming platforms and on CD right here at

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Domenic Bianco

As a youngster I always dreamt of playing the piano. It wasn't until I was 16 that I picked up my first instrument... a guitar! My mind was blown! I spent the next two summers learning, clocking as many hours as I could practicing.  At the tail end of that second summer, my love for writing and poetry somehow mustered its way up through the metal shreddery and I found myself singing and writing songs. As they say, the rest is history. I'm a beach bum at heart but work in special education, bringing my music with me to daily lesson plans. 

Charlie Sisemore

I love my bass! When I was 10 years old Santa brought me an electric guitar, but I was never too serious about practicing. Then in 2017, I picked up my first bass, joined the band with my best friend, and have barely put ol’ Jazzper (I named my bass) down since. When I’m not practicing, you can find me reading about quantum physics and other crazy theoretical descriptions of our reality, or painting, because I love making visual ART too!!

John Hendricks

"The man with the Magic hands!" Haha sorry, no one actually calls me that, So... I'm John Hendricks! I been slappin the skins, blastin the horn, and strummin the strings for over 10 years. I joined The SoulShake as their Drummer and Handyman in late 2017. Offstage I work in the high pace environment of Real Estate. Keeping up with the hustle I make sure to enjoy the simpler things in life such as perfecting my Banana Gram skills and delving deeply into philosophical conversations.
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